Dec 24, 2008

the Christmas challenge - pressie #14

I thought I was done posting about my Christmas challenge gifties but there was one that nearly slipped through the cracks - the Duck Confit. Four duck marylands cooked in the traditional French method of Confit, packaged in jars with recipes, became gifts for my brother in law, father in law and best friend and her French husband. I can say without hesitation that my husband is a legend and has mastered this - my favourite dish. The recipe for Confit can be found in every French recipe book, but it's basically slow cooking meat (or anything really) in fat, in this case duck fat. While this sounds a bit unhealthy (and looks rather unattractive), you do scrape the extra fat off prior to re heating the dish, and it is a very popular way of preserving meats in Europe. The meats can remain encased in their duck fat, which solidifies once cool, for months prior to being dug out and reheated. The result is supremely tender and moist meat. Husband Guy recommends serving your duck confit with braised red cabbage and potatoes roasted in duck fat. YUM YUM YUM

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