Nov 14, 2008

a pretty purse

It's my mother-in-law's birthday in a couple of weeks and the girls are going for High Tea tomorrow, so I thought I'd whip her up a little purse as part of her pressie. It's made from Amy Butler's Daisy Chain fabric and modelled off Pink Penguin's camera case, embellished with some vintage buttons I purchased from the Haby Goddess. To make the purse, cut 2 pieces of fabric roughly 3 times the height of the purse and one piece of batting. Sew together around the edges, wrong sides together, leaving a gap for turning. Trim corners and turn right way out, top stitch around the edges to close the gap and to give a nice look. Fold the bottom of your rectangle up onto the middle of the rectangle to create the body of your purse, then stitch down the sides to secure. You can then 'quilt' the purse if you want. I used my sewing machine to make 3 button holes and hand stitched the buttons on. Alternatively you could also use a magnetic clasp or only 1 or 2 buttons. Another option would be to change the shape of the flap (pointed or rounded perhaps).

Please let me know if you would like me to create a proper tutorial to better illustrate the process.


  1. You are very clever. I'm having lunch with Nana on Sunday, it's her birthday, I'll have to print off a picture of your lovely purse to show her where her buttons have ended, she will be very happy to know they have gone to a good home :-))

  2. What colours does Nana like? I could make her one, just with different buttons of course!

  3. Thanks so much for using my tutorials to make this cute case and the fabulous camera case! I like how you modified my tutorial to create this case. I sure love the fabric used too!


  4. Hey Bree that is just the sweetest offer. I could never ask you to do that, it seems you have a very long list of projects ready to go as it is. Happy Sewing!!


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