Nov 28, 2008

a birthday bag

Happy Birthday to my mother in law who turned 60 this week. As previously mentioned I was making her a bag. I'm really pleased with the results. It was my first time using wooden handles, which made it a little tricky to move around the machine to finish the bag off. It was also my first time creating flowers by freestyle applique. This was the second time I'd attempted a bag patter out of a magazine and hopefully next time I will remember that they are not always the easiest or clearest patterns to follow. My only drama really was sewing the lining and bag body together while adding the handles. The wooden handles (great quality handles by the way from Kelani) made it almost impossible to attach the lining and body in the regular way, due to the size of the bag, which was disappointing. But we got there in the end - so Happy Birthday Patsy!


Elissa said...

Hi Bree,
I really love seeing what people make with purchases from my shop. Your friend will be so pleased and bag and handles look fabulous!

Janellybelly said...

Such a gorgeous bag Bree, I was wondering what type of bag that pile of fabrics would be transformed into. Glad you've signed up for PIF with Bonnie - enjoy!

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