Oct 9, 2008


introducing......me and my 2 guys

My name is Bree and I must confess I have 2 guys in my life. Well 2 Guy's actually. My husband Guy, 30, and my son Guy, 9 months.

Until recently I was a blog virgin, never read one and certainly never created one. But I'm still on maternity leave and I started to get back into sewing and starting to find all these blogs on the net with people documenting their creativity. And I thought 'why not'.

And as for the 2 Guy's, I know some people think it's really dorky or a bit stuck up to name your child after yourself, but in my husband's family this is a tradition that dates back a long way and he was really passionate about keeping it going (and I didn't want to be the one to wreck a 150 year tradition). So my little one is Guy the 6th and the name really suits him too.

So anyway my blog will be like a lot of the other 'a bit about life, a bit about sewing and craft' blogs but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

1 comment:

Janellybelly said...

Hi Bree
I have finally had a chance to read all of your blog posts - & find out where your blog name came from!

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