Oct 29, 2008

the Christmas challenge

So my challenge to myself, which is now going to be a public challenge, is to make as many of my Christmas gifts as possible. Men, women and children, no one is exempt from my homemade enthusiasm. But the gifts can't be dodgy, they have to be comparable in awesomness (thanks Barney) to the usually brilliant Christmas gifts I buy in the stores. I have been stockpiling materials and ideas for the last few weeks and I have even started the mammoth task. Husband Guy, whilst at first being sceptical of my challenge, is now helping with ideas and is even offering to contribute!

So those of you who will be receiving gifts from us this year - please be gentle - they are all being made with love :)

1 comment:

groovinmama said...

Best of luck ... I'm hoping to do the same, but who knows how much time I'll have! You're right, too -- your blog and mine are so similar. How funny ... one of us in Texas, one in Australia. So fun to be crafty mamas! Cheers!

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